April 29 2020


Dear Loyal Customer: 

We are in our fifth week since the Government mandated the closure order to prevent a major out break of the Corvid 19 virus.  They acted swiftly to allow time to flatten the curve so our health care system wouldn’t be over loaded. Premier McNeil and Dr Strang have kept us very informed of the virus and it’s transmission. 

Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet has provided leadership on a national level by giving regular up dates and offering financial support to our employees who have been laid off and also support  to businesses who can continue to provide services. 

We have  been able to access this national program and have kept 20 of our valuable  employees engaged by providing take out and home delivery services. This would only be possible with your much appreciated patronage. 

We have contined to keep our staff and customers safe from this virus by: 

  • a critical surface sanitization program
  • wearing masks when interacting with customers
  • making sure all the remote terminals are sanitized after each use
  • checking to ensure staff wellness
  • a whole lot of hand washing

Our core group of employees in both Kentville and Wolfville are dedicated to making your experience great, safe and hopefully better than you expected. 

We have a 1 litre and 500 ml package for our craft brews, and we have suspended our 2 litre growler service during the pandemic so as not to allow the exchange of returnables. We will continue this service once the crises has passed.



Brian FitzGerald, Publican

Regarding Covid-19

In response to an announcement from the government Sunday March 15, we will now introduce the following additional measures:

* We are ensuring tables are spaced 6' apart to allow for social distancing
* Paddy's Day entertainment is postponed


To our community and loyal customers,

At Paddy’s Brewpub & Rosie’s Restaurant we hold the safety of our customers and our team as a top priority. As the situation with Covid-19 develops we are following the lead of public health authorities and recommendations of national restaurant associations. In response to the developing situation with Covid-19 we are taking enhanced measures to protect customers and employees. This includes:

* Increasing the frequency that we sanitize surfaces throughout the restaurant

* Installing additional Sanitizer Dispenser stations for your convenience

* Removing condiment or display items from our tables

* Discontinuing offering shared crayons for children

* Switching to single serve condiments, including salt, pepper and ketchup

We also ask our customers to take the advice of the public health officials and to refrain from visiting our stores if they feel unwell. 

You might notice that these and additional precautions could slightly reduce our usually speed service, but we hope that when your server says, “Hello, I will be right back to serve you, I need to wash my hands” you will appreciate that we want to provide you good quality and safe service.

As the situation develops, we will let you know about any additional steps we are taking.


Brian FitzGerald

Owner, Paddy’s Brewpub & Rosie’s Restaurant